Let's Go Outdoors with Michael Short - TV slate

It started with radio

Let's Go Outdoors started in 1999 as Alberta's exclusive radio magazine program dedicated to the great outdoors. LGO radio programming has been delivered as:

  • Daily features - aired at various times on radio stations across the province.
  • Weekend magazine format show - for years we did a half-hour radio version of LGO. This wrapped up at the end of 2014.

Then we added TV vignettes

On a seasonal basis, Short Communications also produces a series of one-minute TV vignettes, under the Let’s Go Outdoors banner, aired on various TV stations, including Rogers SportsNet.

The TV show followed

From 2012 through 2014 LGO presented a half-hour television series version of Let's Go Outdoors. Episodes of this program are archived on our website and our YouTube Channel. The TV show was presented in a magazine style format and included segments on outdoor news and events, as well as feature stories and interviews. A mix of serious and lighthearted stories educate, inform and entertain audiences. Outdoor subjects range from general interest to active adventures. Interviews with experts and passionate amateur outdoor enthusiasts are balanced against the on-air hosts’ personal adventures.

We added internet delivery for on-demand viewing

In 2009 Let's Go Outdoors set up a YouTube Channel to post the vignettes and other LGO video productions, and we began posting audio versions of the radio programming on our website for on-demand consumption.  In 2014 CarbonTV invited LGO to post episodes of our TV show on their popular digital channel. You can currently watch episodes of our TV show there.

Let's Go Outdoors philosophy

Let’s Go Outdoors is committed to providing relevant and well-researched content that not only informs but also educates on how to use, enjoy and preserve Alberta's abundant natural resources.


Michael Short - Host and producer of Let's Go Outdoors Canada

Host & Producer - Michael Short

Michael brings more than 20 years broadcast journalism experience to his television and radio programming. He is an outdoor enthusiast and is the only full-time broadcast journalist in Alberta dedicated to bringing the outdoors to audiences. His passion for the outdoors is evident in all he does - and he gets outdoors as much as he can... hiking, mountaineering, hunting, flyfishing, golfing, camping - and of course following stories all across Alberta.

He is a certified instructor with the Alberta Hunter Education Instructors Association, a member of the Professional Outdoor Media Association, and the Outdoor Writers of Canada. His personal outdoor interests, combined with his professional broadcast experience, provide a unique and informed perspective on outdoor issues.