Monday, 16 April 2012 10:30

First season musings

Written by Elma
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Wow, it’s hard to believe that our first season is almost over. Just a few episodes left, but have no fear; the LGO team has been working hard on some pretty fun stories to come for season two.

But before we embark on all the fun that is to come, I do have to mention how exciting it’s been filming our first season. I was fortunate enough to do some pretty unique and fun activities over the past year. I mean how often does a city girl get to go winter camping…pick her own fire wood and use the outdoors as her private bathroom? Yup, this girl got to do all that. And let's not forget the Dino dig in Dinosaur Provincial Park. That was one of my very favorite experiences. I was fortunate enough be the very first person to discover that particular dinosaur fossil. I have to admit; it made me feel proud to uncover something that’s millions of years old with my fossil brush.

And last but not least, I got to hang out with a less than scary Mexican tarantula at the Royal Alberta Museum. At first, my fear and skepticism got the best of me when I was told that this eight legged movie villain was harmless in real life, but once I got to pet her, I realized there was something beautiful and calming about her! Never thought I’d be thinking those things about a tarantula.

I guess that’s the beauty in this job. I get to try things that I wouldn’t necessarily experience on my own and with every expectation and fear, comes the opportunity to not only expand my knowledge but also change my opinion on an activity. I can’t wait to see what season two of LGO has in store for this city girl.

Until soon friends,

- Elma

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