Thursday, 07 February 2013 22:21

Warm noses to start Season Two

Written by Elma
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It is hard to believe that season two is just around the corner. It feels like just yesterday, that I was braving the cold while winter camping, or trying my luck at some fishing. But, be not fooled, when I write…season two of Let’s Go Outdoors has some pretty interesting events laid out for you!

I am beyond excited to share some of the thrilling and truly fun adventures that our LGO family has been up to over the past year. We’ve taken on new challenges and opportunities to further explore Alberta and Canadian living, adding our own little twist to things!

A particular experience that replays in my memory involves a lot of snow, a sled, and beautiful huskies. This season, you’ll get to witness my very first attempt at dog sledding, where I promise…I did a lot of hard work too (the dogs can’t take all the credit). Snowy Owl Tours provided us with the gear, the beautiful Canmore scenery was at our feet and of course in our company were some very talented, fast, and lovable dogs. The rush I felt from yelling, “Hike up puppies” for the first time in my life will stay engraved in my memory forever.  I was partly mortified that I would fall and lose control of the sled, and the other part of me was excited for the thrill of cruising through the snow with my furry army!  The teamwork these dogs shared was truly admirable. Apachi and Shiba were two of my favorite dogs. Shiba, the only female in the bunch, had such fierceness about her. I knew I could count on her to keep the pack in line!

Before I knew it, the day had come to an end and my very first dog sledding tour was nearly completed. But not before my hard working pups got a treat. After all, they did pull me around in a sled all day! I got to spend a little more time bonding with the dogs, while feeding them their treats. Before we parted ways, we were encouraged to pet the dogs and acknowledge their hard work for the day. One thing is certain, whether they are chewing at our shoes, cuddling with us on the couch, or guiding us through mountains on a sled, dogs truly are man’s best friend. I learned that on my dog sledding adventure in Canmore.

- Elma

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