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Elma sounds off!

Written by Elma
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It was Madonna who so elegantly said, “diamonds are a girls’ best friend”, and though the ever reinventing godmother of pop may be accurate in describing MOST girls, she sure has her lyrics wrong when it comes to yours truly. Yes, diamonds, and shoes, and purses were all my best friends, but they had to move over because I have fallen in love with something new…and more useful for that matter.

Drum roll please……

Introducing LGO’s brand new recording booth!!! I absolutely love everything about this thing; from the very posh grey and black color combo, to the nicely padded interior (which drowns out ANY noise and actually lets me enjoy the silence before I start recording my voice overs).

I’m not going to lie, the very first time I stepped into the vocal booth, I felt like I was a pop diva and I wanted to belt out some high notes, but I resisted (mostly because it was early in the morning and I didn’t want to damage Michael’s eardrums so early). Instead, I used it for its actual purpose and I recorded voice overs for the show. My voice was sharp, with my projection at just the right levels, and I was NOT popping my P’s and B’s… All in all, it was a very successful recording session in our studio and our new recording booth is officially part of the LGO family.

Though I am thinking of bedazzling it with glitter and rhinestones, I might hold off on that idea for the moment, as Michael and Mary will also have to use the booth…and something tells me, sparkles aren’t quite their thing ;)

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