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Making a Difference - Husky Oil & Trout Unlimited (video) Featured

Written by Michael Short
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Prairie Creek Near Rocky Mountain House Prairie Creek Near Rocky Mountain House Rob Metcalf, Google Maps/Panoramio

If an oil company takes the initiative to protect a trout stream would anyone know, or care? Would it matter?

Studying fish habitat is hardly a core activity for Husky Oil. Why bother?  Could we be entering an age of environmental enlightenment, in Alberta? Does that matter?

Prairie Creek Near Rocky Mountain House

It matters, when 'optimizing' land use is a focus. That's different than maximizing and balancing it. Both of those tend to be zero sum options. It matters when three parties come together and solve a problem. It matters because the current narrative does not, usually, reflect that.  Maybe this is really how we do things in Alberta and most folks don't know it. And that matters.

Simple eh? Environmental stewardship can be a tad complex, particularly, when there's multiple requirements and a budget to meet.

Are you kidding, an NGO and an Oil Company coming together to solve a problem? What in the world is Alberta coming to? Perhaps it senses a recognition that resource development and environmental protection is not a zero sum game, as the conventional narrative has it.

Virtually all of Alberta's wealth comes from the ground, be it food, resources, and places to be.

It's logical to care for it. No doubt that's complicated. The Prairie Creek remediation project sets the bar for cooperation and collaboration creating a path to the conservation economy and an abundant energy future. Might 'we' Albertans be taking a lead? Well this project shows we have a capacity to do that.

Sharing the knowledge, the project intellectual property, is biggest 'dividend" of the Prairie Creek project. How we do it, in Alberta, is changing. It doesn't have to be a secret!

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