Monday, 28 March 2016 09:56

Off-highway vehicle registration fees should be used for trail development and education programs

Written by Michael Short
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Bridge installation nearing completion Bridge installation nearing completion

Currently the Alberta Government collects $54 from the registration of an off-highway vehicle, and puts that money into general revenue. The Alberta Off-Highway Vehicle Association (AOHVA) would like to see that money go towards a safety and trail enhancement fee.

With an annual registration of 118,000 off-highway vehicles it’s expected that $7 million could be generated towards the stated goals of the AOHVA. Seems like a good idea. After all, why should Alberta taxpayers be expected to pay for a recreational trail system?

The OHVA started the process back in 2009 by submitting a formal business plan to the provincial government requesting the establishment of a Delegated Administrative Organization (DAO). Despite moving its way through the bureaucratic maze, it has not yet been formally introduced in the legislature.

This week I sit down with Cal Rakish, Secretary Treasurer of the AOHVA, to talk about what it would mean for the protection of the backcountry if his organization was granted this new mandate.


Using geo-textiles to prevent erosion

Trail building is about protecting the environment. Geo-Textiles are used to help prevent soil erosion

Bridge installation over fish-bearing stream

Installation of bridges to protect fish-bearing streams is a critical step in reducing the OHV impact.

I found out first hand that ATV safety and responsible riding is taken seriously by the Alberta OHVA. I spent a day with ATV expert Vince Aiello.

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