Sunday, 10 April 2016 09:00

Birds, Bats & Blades - Part Two

Written by Michael Short
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Chris Fisher with a friend on his shoulder Chris Fisher with a friend on his shoulder

Chris Fisher is an author, lecturer and one of Alberta’s top bird experts. When it comes to this time of year he says migrating birds are most at risk by Alberta’s growing wind farm operations. With some 40+ farms located across the southwestern part of Alberta with more than 900 turbines installed, migrating birds can face a daunting task reaching their summer breeding grounds. Still, as Chris discusses with me there is a willingness on behalf of the industry to do all it can to make changes in order to reduce bird fatalities.

Feature Podcast:

Wind turbine – Video Clip

Wind farms located on agricultural land like this pose the least threat to birds according to Chris Fisher – Video by Michael Short

Soaring Red Tail – video clip

Raptors, like this Red Tail Hawk riding the thermals near Waterton National Park in southwestern Alberta, can fly into trouble when they are hunting near wind turbine farms  – Video by Michael Short

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