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Women take on the Outdoors

Written by Michael Short
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Mary Hulbert experienced first hand what it's like to build a lean-to and spend a night in the wilderness Mary Hulbert experienced first hand what it's like to build a lean-to and spend a night in the wilderness Let's Go Outdoors

Do a quick search of the phrase “women in the outdoors” on the Internet and you will come across tens of thousands of topics and courses that are being offered to and by women right across North America.

And rightly so. Outdoor activities (including hunting) were never intended to be solely a male activity. With the recent push to eat organic, more and more women are taking to heart the practice of harvesting their own meat and are providing fresh wild game and fish for their own families.

Growing up as a kid I had access to outdoor education programs but, more times than not, there were very few girls in the class. Much has changed.

Dave Paplawski in his OWP classroom

The Alberta Hunter Education Instructors Association (AHEIA) has been leading the charge when it comes to getting more women into the field. The first Outdoor Women’s Program (OWP) began in 1994 and has continued to grow in popularity.

The intent of this program is to encourage women to enjoy the great outdoors by providing opportunity to gain confidence, increase competence, acquire experience and promote personal growth in skills pertaining to the outdoors.

This week I’m joined by Dave Paplawski, Vice President of AHEIA and coordinator of the OWP.

Feature Podcast Interview

A while back I sent LGO adventurer Mary Hulbert to experience the survival training at the Outdoor Women’s Program first hand. Here is her story.

This program is not only educational, but is an excellent way for women across the province to come together and enjoy each other's company at AHEIA's beautiful Alford Lake facility.

The days at OWP are jam packed with courses - from flyfishing to archery, quading to moccasin making, firearms basics to field dressing. OWP has something for every woman to learn and enjoy.

Applications for the 2016 OWP are now being accepted. Click here for more information.


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