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North Saskatchewan River… an anglers paradise?

Written by Michael Short
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The North Saskatchewan river is listed as the 12th longest river in Canada flowing some 1,287 kilometers where, after connecting with the South Saskatchewan river, it eventually flows into Lake Winnipeg. It is also home to a multitude of fish species, with roughly a dozen different species that can be caught within the Edmonton city limits. Depending on whom you ask, one of the most coveted and perhaps most challenging fish to have at the end of your fishing rod is the Lake Sturgeon. I joined Dr. Todd Zimmerling, President and CEO of the Alberta Conservation Association, and Nick Porayko of Lunker's Fishing Adventures for a day out hunting for these prehistoric fish.

Todd Zimmering and Nick Porayko land a small sturgeon on the North Saskatchewan River

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The Alberta Conservation Association is working with Alberta Environment and Parks to improve the access points on two of the major rivers in our province.

One such river requiring work is the Bow River in southern Alberta. Known internationally as an amazing trout fishery, this river saw one of it’s most popular access points, called Policeman’s Flats, all but wiped out in the flood of 2013. A number of other access points along the Bow also require work.


Large pickerel landed on the North Saskatchewan River

The North Saskatchewan River outside of the Edmonton area poses a different set of issues, as a number of access points are located on private property. The ACA is looking at everything from purchasing these river access points to negotiating easements with private landowners.

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