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Change up your camp cooking… go Dutch!

Written by Michael Short
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Want to change up how you cook and what you eat when you’re out enjoying the great outdoors? Then having a Dutch oven in camp might be a move in the right direction.

Of course Dutch ovens are not intended to be part of your backpack! Light they are not. Car camping, RVing, and even canoeing are perfect outings to haul out the cast iron pot and create some mouth watering meals. Like any meal it’s all in the prep work before lighting the fire!

Preparing an apple pie for the dutch oven

As Dutch ovens are made from cast iron, this makes them great at absorbing heat which they then distribute evenly during the cooking process. In other words, you should not be burning the pot roast or corn bread if you pay attention to the cooking process.

In the video below I will walk you through some of finer points of cooking up a moose and venison stew and an apple pie. Hope you enjoy it!

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With proper care a Dutch oven will more than likely outlast you, and maybe even be passed on to the next generation of camp cooks. In today’s age of things being lighter and faster, camp cooking (at least in my humble opinion) should be savored, like the stew and biscuits you are going to cook on your next camping trip.

removing the oven from the charcoal

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