Friday, 05 August 2016 12:18

A Canoe Adventure in Lakeland Provincial Park

Written by Michael Short
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If camping and canoeing in lakes is your thing, then Lakeland Provincial Park and Provincial Recreation Area needs to be on your list. Seven lakes within the provincial park can offer visitors a real backcountry experience.

While filming this episode we experienced a pretty good thunderstorm overnight. On top of the incredible lightning and thunderclaps I heard another sound. Through the pouring rain I could make out a baby moose standing in the middle of our campground. Obviously separated from its mother this little guy was making quite the racket doing his or her best to get reconnected. It wasn’t long before I heard nothing but the pounding of the rain. I can only assume mom and baby were back together again.

While I can’t promise a unique wildlife encounter like that, I can say this provincial park, located on the door step of Lac La Biche, is one of best lake canoe areas to be found in the province.

Portaging with a canoe cart

And as you will see, my co-host Elma, who has never done anything like this before, proves that a canoe trip like this can be tackled by folks of all skill levels. I would however recommend taking an introductory course into canoeing if you plan to go without someone who has some experience.

I hope you enjoy this video of our adventure.

Feature Video

A final Note

One evening, while paddling around the lake we came across a loon that serenaded  us with that iconic call associated with a loon on a lake. But then it did this.

Loon dancing near shore

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