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Hunters demonstrate culinary skills in the kitchen

Written by Michael Short
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Knowing how to set up waterfowl decoys, and using a duck call to lure in ducks or geese, are all important skills that a hunter develops over the years. What I find just as important is the skill many hunters have perfected in the kitchen when it comes to cooking the wild game they have harvested. 

In the kitchen with Josh Kranrod

It’s never too early to begin to learn how to skillfully prepare your wild harvest. One such example of this is the interest taken by a young hunter named Josh Kranrod, who along with his Dad Ken, were out duck hunting with Todd and Linda Zimmerling. Both Josh and Linda joined me in the kitchen to demonstrate a couple of easy and delicious ways to serve up some duck!

Cooking with Josh and Linda - video

With the recent push to eat organic, more and more women are taking to heart the activity of hunting and are providing fresh wild game and fish for their families.

Sheila Campbell processing deer meat with her family

Such is the case with Sheila Campbell who has become passionate about hunting and preparing home cooked dinners with the game she has taken over the course of a hunting season. I spent some time with Sheila and her family watching them go through the process of making deer sausage and a marinated moose steak.

Sheila Campbell - video

The greatest part of any hunting or fishing excursion is bringing home what you have taken from the field or stream to cook it.  The next best thing is being able to enjoy the hunting efforts of others who are generous enough to share in what they have brought back from a hunting trip.

Cooking your hunting efforts with the family

While it is important we engage new hunters and teach them skills to be successful in the field, it is of equal importance to encourage them to develop skills in the art of cooking wild game.


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