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One man’s passion for trapping breaks down misconceptions

Written by Michael Short
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AJ Collbeck on his trapping line AJ Collbeck on his trapping line

I could cite statistics and quote mission statements about the need for trapping in today’s society. Yes, those are important things to understand, but certainly not the whole picture. For the record, there are over 2,000 registered trappers in Alberta and according to the Fur Information Council of America the fur industry across North America is a billion dollar industry. Across Canada there are about 60,000 active trappers.

Setting up a trap

Yet, I wanted to go beyond the numbers to get a better understanding of the person who will spend countless hours trekking through acres of marshes or miles of trails through a forest tending to their trap line.

A few years ago I got my wish. AJ Collbeck has been trapping since his early teens, and despite being in his mid-20’s, he approaches trapping with such reverence and professionalism you can’t but help but walk away with a better understanding of the importance trapping plays in our present times. It’s through AJ’s story I hope you will see beyond the numbers.

Trapping with AJ Colbeck - Video

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