Saturday, 28 January 2017 21:47

Chronic Wasting Disease continues to plague Alberta deer populations

Written by Michael Short
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Alberta’s CWD surveillance program is well underway in conjunction with the 2016 hunting seasons. The province has tested over 1600 heads of deer and elk since September 1, 2016. The news is not great — of the 1,600 heads of deer and elk submitted for testing, 25 deer are positive for CWD. There are still many more animals to be tested from the past hunting season, but what is standing out is the fact the disease continues to move westward.

CWD has now shown up in Elk from CFB Suffield

According to Dr. Pybus, CWD has now shown up in Elk from CFB Suffield

CWD chart by MWU in Alberta

The tests have also revealed the first positive result to come from an Elk located in the Suffield area. I sit down to get the latest results from work Dr. Margo Pybus, Alberta's Provincial Wildlife Disease Specialist, and her team have completed to date.

Dr. Margo Pybus

Dr. Margo Pybus

Podcast Interview with Dr. Pybus

For more information on the CWD and specific details on how to submit an animal for CWD testing you can get additional information here:

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