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Outdoor volunteers offer more than just baiting a hook

Written by Michael Short
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Just where do you get an understanding of the ins and outs of fishing, hunting, hiking, bird watching or other outdoor activities? For some that first introduction to an outdoor activity may come from a family member or a close friend of the family.

Joining an organization like the Alberta Fish and Game Association and their many local groups can provide a window into the outdoor world. The Alberta Hunter Education Association has programs geared towards fulfilling the requirements to obtaining a hunting license and offers numerous firearm safety courses and camps designed specifically for kids. Nature Alberta and Trout Unlimited Canada are other great organizations where you can seek out advice when it comes to exploring our great outdoors.

There is one thing all of these groups have in common: volunteers.

These organizations can draw upon decades of experience from individuals who, as the saying goes, have done just about everything when it comes to their particular skill set. While learning from someone who has years of know-how in a particular area is incredibly valuable, more times than not if you ask the right questions you can also walk away with a greater understanding of our natural world. Many of these mentors and volunteers have experienced all sorts of outdoor adventures that go beyond the "how-to" of wilderness skill development. 

Randy Collins - past-president of the Alberta Fish and Game Association

I sit down with Randy Collins who, as a past-president of the Alberta Fish and Game Association, has spent countless hours volunteering. As you will hear in this interview while his passion for our outdoor environment is stronger than ever, so too is his desire to ensure there are going to be new volunteers able to provide guidance and wisdom extending beyond a mere question of “how do I bait a hook?”

Podcast interview with Randy Collins

Fishing action on Lake Wabamun

This Family Day Weekend (Feb 18) will once again feature the popular Kids Can Catch event at Lake Wabamun. All the details are here

An attentive crowd of kids listens to Patrick Snoek

Taking advantage of an attentive crowd of kids is Patrick Snoek, a volunteer with the Edmonton Trout Club. He provides information about the various fish species to be found in Lake Wabamun.

Plenty of holes need to be drilled in the ice

The Kids Can Catch event means plenty of holes have to be drilled. Randy Collins will join Todd Zimmerling, President & CEO of the Alberta Conservation Association in drilling several hundred holes over the course of the day!

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