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Sibling fights can be deadly

Written by Michael Short
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Juvenile red-tailed hawks locked in mortal combat Juvenile red-tailed hawks locked in mortal combat Photos by Barry Willson

One of the most valuable lessons in outdoor photography: Always have your camera with you. Barry Willson, an avid hobby photographer in the Devon area, caught the harsh reality of what can happen when two young sibling hawks decide to use beaks and claws on each other.

Juvenile red-tailed hawk makes a meal out of a sibling

At first glance, it appears that these two-juvenile red-tailed hawks are just having a “little teenage angst” according to Chris Fisher, noted ecologist and author. Chris was surprised things went as far as they did — the hawk on top ended up eating the one on the bottom. Fisher calls it siblicide — and to witness the event is very rare.

Barry Willson - avid hobby photographer

Just how did all of this unfold? Listen in as I sit down and have a chat with photographer Barry Willson.

Podcast Interview (audio)



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