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Alberta's fishing regulations... too complicated?

Written by Michael Short
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Fishing at Wabumun lake Fishing at Wabumun lake

There is no question we need regulations when managing our fish and wildlife resources. The debate around these regulations seems to revolve around understanding the rules, and perhaps more importantly why the rules are there in the first place.

Fish regulation change posting

I continue my conversation with Dave Park, Director of Fisheries Management Policy, with Alberta Environment and Parks. One of the themes to come out of our conversation is the fact that communications between the department and the angling community is something that needs work. In this interview, Dave cites some clear examples.

Dave Park - Director of Fisheries Management, Alberta Environment and Parks

We talk about Alberta's fishing regulations and the potential for them to be more streamlined.

Walleye catch on the North Saskatchewan river

Managing angler expectations when it comes to catch and keep fishing opportunities is another key area of focus for the fisheries management team.

Video Interview with Dave Park

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