Friday, 19 May 2017 07:05

It should come as no shock that electric fences can keep bears at bay

Written by Michael Short
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The use of electric fences in areas that are frequented by bears is becoming more and more common. And for a good reason according to the experts, these fences are very efficient at keeping bears from getting into areas where they can cause property damage, kill livestock or worse yet attack people living or working in the area.

At a recent Bear Aware conference held in Edson wildlife managers from Alberta Environment and Parks, Fish and Wildlife Officers, industry and land-owners gathered to look at various tactics being used to minimize encounters between people and bears.

Video Story

Setup of a portable electric fence provides short term bear control

Fish and Wildlife Officers are now equipped with portable electric fences which can provide a short term solution to a bear issue.

Electric fence set up and ready to repel bear

The oil and gas industry have been early adopters of the electric fence. However, some landowners are unable to justify the cost associated with installing these types of deterrents.


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