Saturday, 16 June 2018 12:25

Fish CSI searching for the DNA of an invader

Written by Michael Short
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Prussian Carp are becoming a severe threat to Alberta’s native fish populations. Already confirmed in the Red Deer, South Saskatchewan and other southern Alberta water bodies Prussian Carp appear to be expanding their range.

Determining where these fish are calling home has become somewhat of a CSI investigation. The Alberta Conservation Association is sampling sites across the province to determine the range of the carp.

DNA sampling filter

The Prussian Carp can adapt to just about any aquatic environment, add to this their unique spawning abilities and you would think we were dealing with some alien lifeform. So bottom line, if you catch a Prussian Carp, kill it and either take it home to eat, or dispose of the carcass properly.

Prussian Carp spotted in the shallows

More information on the Prussian carp can be found here

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