Friday, 20 July 2018 12:12

A Fishing Future for Alberta

Written by Michael Short
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Alberta’s fishing management strategy is facing serious questions. What’s at stake, that’s today’s news.For over 20-years the state of Alberta’s fisheries and habitat has been an on-going issue between the provincial government and the Alberta Fish and Game Association.

Recently a new stakeholders advisory committee has been formed to address management issues.It comes down to striking a balancing act and coming to terms with setting realistic benchmarks when looking at how many fish anglers should be able to take home with them.

There is a belief among many anglers that the province may be moving towards a total catch and release management approach, which could have severe implications for the future of angling in Alberta.There is also a push by the AFGA to see the province’s fishing regulations streamlined, so they are easier to understand.

Fundamentally The AFGA believes a collaborative fisheries management program utilizing all the tools to address cumulative impacts yet maintaining angling opportunity is required. Habitat protection, enhancement and restoration must be paramount.

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