Thursday, 11 July 2019 17:06

Fishing license sales drop in Alberta

Written by Michael Short
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One of the things that struck me as we motored out to a fishing spot was the absence of more fishing boats. Now don't get me wrong, I like a quiet day out on the water as much as the next angler, but there is a trend developing. Over the last couple of years, license sales have declined.

There is no dispute Alberta has a finite number of fishable lakes, especially when compared to BC or Saskatchewan. Still, here is a fishing fact anglers in Alberta may not be familiar with. Alberta has one of the best catch rates when it comes to fishing for Walleye.

It's my feeling the management of roughly 800 fish-bearing lakes for close to 300,000 anglers is no easy task. Are their issues? Of course. And no matter what is proposed by way of new regulations or catch and keep programs, there are always going to be anglers who are not happy. 

The reality is there are excellent fishing opportunities to be found in our province.

So perhaps the time is now to take up fishing or re-kindle your relationship with this enjoyable outdoor activity.

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