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Let's Go Outdoors TV, S02E10 04/14/2013

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Season Two - Episode 10

Stories featured this week include:


Father's Day fishing tournament
The Angler & Young Angler Tournament at Little Bow Provincial Park near Nanton is a terrific way to spend Father’s Day with your kids. Young anglers are introduced to fishing in a fun environment creating memories that will last a lifetime.

{rokbox}images/stories/TV/Ep_10_2013/Mary_survival.jpg{/rokbox} Mary's very long night
Mary tackles an overnight outdoor survival course. Learning to build a shelter and fire (and manage her own anxieties about being stranded in the woods) were just a few skills she had to accomplish in order to have a reasonably comfortable night.


Winter survival for youth
We spent a day with a group of kids at William A. Switzer Provincial Park, learning about the four priorities for surviving a night in the woods. The kids came away with a better understanding of what it takes to survive a winter emergency - oh and they had a ton of fun too! (Part 1 of 2).

{rokbox}images/stories/TV/Ep_10_2013/Quirk_Creek.jpg{/rokbox} Quirk Creek Brook Trout Suppression Project
Quirk Creek is ground zero for an innovative program initiated by Provincial biologist Jim Stelfox. Removing Brook Trout from this stream and other key streams along the eastern slopes is the only way native populations of Cutthroat and Bull Trout will survive.

Wolverine tracking
Wolverines are elusive and tenacious creatures, but we actually know very little about this seldom seen animal. We spent a day at wolverine tracking sites just west of Edmonton. Researchers from the Alberta Conservation Association and the Alberta Trappers Association are monitoring this iconic animal.

{rokbox}images/stories/TV/Ep_10_2013/Tip_up.jpg{/rokbox} Outdoor Guide - ice fishing tips
What do you do with your empty windshield washer fluid jugs? Brad Fenson has an innovative approach to recycling these and it just might help you catch dinner!
{rokbox}images/stories/TV/Ep_10_2013/Fire_trail.jpg{/rokbox} Landslide Lake Interpretive Fire Trail
Mary and Michael were joined by an ACA biologist who took them on a walk through a forest, three years after a prescribed burn. The area has gone through a remarkable transformation with telltale signs of the return of wildlife. It’s a rare opportunity to see how the regenerative process occurs.


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