Welcome to the Let's Go Outdoors platform; I am Michael Short — owner, producer, editor and content creator — the content published or produced is mine and mine alone. No one tells me what to put on this platform. I choose who I work with and who I don't. My bias is towards sustainable conservation, and in my mind, this means supporting hunting, angling, trapping and other conservation organizations — including Government and industry.

I will also feature groups and organizations that work towards conserving land, streams, rivers, and lakes.  I go out of my way to find positive news stories. We hear it all the time; only the bad news gets reported. I try and focus on the many positives that are taking place on our landscape. That doesn't mean I will turn a blind eye to an issue, but it's not my focus.

The process

I have been a journalist for over 30-years, and apply this approach to my stories. The aim of LGO has remained the same over the past two decades to provide coverage of outdoor related stories. I will do my best to seek out subject matter experts for interviews rather than put my opinion front and center. And while I may, from time to time, run stories past those I work with; it is only to confirm facts.

It's a business too

Producing Let's Go Outdoors content is my full-time job, so I get support from several patrons. In this way, I'm no different from any other media outlet that charges advertising or has a funding partner.