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Let's Go Outdoors TV, S01E05 03/18/2012

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Taber Pheasant Festival participants enjoying a family day together Taber Pheasant Festival participants enjoying a family day together

Stories featured this week include:


Taber Pheasant Festival

This annual event brings together several conservation groups working to promote pheasant hunting and habitat improvement. We look at how hunters can have a positive impact on habitat improvement for the long-term viability of wild birds in southern Alberta.


First-time bird hunters

Volunteer mentors work with women and youth to help them through the nerve-wracking process of shooting a shotgun for the first time, then go on to guide them through their first pheasant hunt.

Arctic Grayling conference

Grayling biologists from across North America pool their resources to learn from each other and understand the drivers causing the alarming drop in grayling populations: habitat; water quality; water quantity; and over fishing.

Helping Pronghorn get through

The ACA partners with Alberta landowners in the Pronghorn Travel Corridor Enhancement Project to remove barriers to migration patterns. Did you know that Pronghorns prefer to crawl under barbed wire fences than to jump over them?

Elma makes an exciting discovery!

Elma gets a chance to participate in the Guided Excavation Program at Dinosaur Provincial Park where regular folk (under strict supervision) work in an active quarry alongside the real paleontologists.

Outdoor Guide

Brad Fenson tells us what a good spotting scope can do that regular binoculars cannot.


Upland Birds Alberta

Ken Bailey talks about the work this new organization is doing to address the concern over the significant decline in the number of pheasant hunters in the province and the number of pheasants being released into the wild through raise and release programs.


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