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Let's Go Outdoors TV, S01E10 04/22/2012

Written by Let's Go Outdoors
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Fall flyfishing with Phil Rowley from Trout Unlimited Canada Fall flyfishing with Phil Rowley from Trout Unlimited Canada

Stories featured this week include:

{rokbox}images/stories/TV/episode_10/Rowley.png{/rokbox} Late-season fly-fishing (at 2:00 min)
We spent a delightful day fly-fishing with Phil Rowley from Trout Unlimited Canada. Phil gave us tips on how to match the hatch and where to find fish on an Alberta lake. October can offer some of the best fishing of the season with hungry, aggressive fish and fewer anglers on the water.
{rokbox}images/stories/TV/episode_10/Elma.png{/rokbox} Elma learns to fly-fish (10:22)
Guided by Phil Rowley, Elma approaches her first fly-fishing experience with her trademark enthusiasm. And . . . she learns that paddling a pontoon boat is tougher than it looks!.
{rokbox}images/stories/TV/episode_10/cold_water.png{/rokbox} Raising $$ for cold-water conservation (14:10)
The annual fundraising dinner hosted by Trout Unlimited Canada has become one of the hottest tickets in Calgary. Volunteers with TUC share an intense passion for cold-water conservation and they talk with us about finding a balance between growth and conservation.
{rokbox}images/stories/TV/episode_10/jigs.png{/rokbox} Outdoor Guide - new fangled jigs (17:38)
Brad Fenson's fishing tackle box includes both traditional jigs and some of the newer models: airplange jigs, the zone R, and the versatile kunckle ball. These can give you an advantage if you want to fish for the big predators lying in wait in those tricky weed beds.
{rokbox}images/stories/TV/episode_10/goo.png{/rokbox} Industry Partners - composite tailings (19:43)
We look at the challenge of reclaiming mined areas where industry has left behind sections of gooey clay particles. Researchers at Syncrude Canada are using a technology called composite tailings to turn the soft goo into firm material than can then allow the environment to return to its natural state, able to support healthy ecosystems. 
{rokbox}images/stories/TV/episode_10/Josh.png{/rokbox} Early spring fishing on the Bow River (23:26)
Despite the spring snowstorms in Alberta you can start your fishing season in early spring. Guide Josh Nugent from Out Fly Fishing Outfitters shows us how. No ordinary guide, Josh did his Master's thesis on the topic of the visual characteristics of expert fly casters!
{rokbox}images/stories/TV/episode_10/rescue.png{/rokbox} Helicopter rescue training (26:52)
The Kananaskis Country Public Safety team go through their paces and in the process give Michael a few thrills as they dangle him from a helicopter.


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