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Let's Go Outdoors TV, S01E11 04/29/2012

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Visitors at the Devonian Botanic Gardens Visitors at the Devonian Botanic Gardens

Stories featured this week include:


Fall festival in the gardens (at 1:40 min)
Baking apples, building birdhouses and scarecrows are just a few great family activities to enjoy each season at the fall festival at the Devonian Botanic Garden. But there are activities year 'round too!

{rokbox}images/stories/TV/episode_11/garden.png{/rokbox} Creating linkages to nature (5:58)
The garden's Director, Dr. Lee Foote, explains how a garden provides many ways for people to learn. Offering some 11,000 varieties of plants, the garden speaks to each of us differently and can be a place people come to be changed.
{rokbox}images/stories/TV/episode_11/water.png{/rokbox} Turning tailings ponds into duck ponds (9:51)
We have all heard about how tailings ponds created by industry are toxic to wildlife. Using fine carbon filtration to remove organic compounds, scientists are developing methods to speed up the return of these valuable wetlands so they can once again support helathy aquatic life.
{rokbox}images/stories/TV/episode_11/hug.png{/rokbox} Nature deficit disorder (11:58)
A video game generation who suffers a disconnect with nature may become afraid of the outdoors. Through a unique outdoor program, a grade 9 class gets up close and personal with the outdoors - and even a few groovy things like leeches and salamanders!
{rokbox}images/stories/TV/episode_11/butterfly.png{/rokbox} Green school (15:30)
A grade 5 class spends a week at the garden learning about wildlife and the outdoors. May through October, the garden has unique field trips for school children from pre-school through grade 12.
{rokbox}images/stories/TV/episode_11/serrated_knife.png{/rokbox} Gear Guide - outdoor knives (19:20)
With such a wide array of options, selecting a knife can be overwhelming. Brad helps us get a handle on how to choose the right tools. A good outdoor knife should be rugged, lightweight and easy to carry, with quick and easy access when you need it.
{rokbox}images/stories/TV/episode_6/Comfort.png{/rokbox} Comfort camping and sunset tour (22:12)
Elma enjoys a special sunset photography tour in the badlands, and the extra special surroundings of "comfort camping". This unique approach to camping in Alberta Parks is for those who want the camping experience without the ruggedness.


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