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Let's Go Outdoors TV, S01E12 05/06/2012

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Shooting clay pigeons at the Outdoor Women's Program at Alfred Lake Shooting clay pigeons at the Outdoor Women's Program at Alfred Lake

Stories featured this week include:


Urban coyotes (at 1:40 min)
A University of Alberta researcher studies how urban coyotes adapt to life in an urban environment. We tag along with the team as they track and trap these wily animals to collar them for further study.

{rokbox}images/stories/TV/episode_12/sturgeon.png{/rokbox} Living dinosaurs in our rivers (6:35)
Relatively unchanged for the past 200 million years, the Sturgeon are found in only two river systems in Alberta. A species of concern, these fish are being monitored using implanted radio transmitters to track movement patterns.
{rokbox}images/stories/TV/episode_12/chainsaw.png{/rokbox} Outdoor Women's Program (9:32)
Every August well over 100 women come to Alford Lake to learn some outdoor skills and have a bunch of fun doing it. Mothers and daughters, aunts and nieces, sisters and friends - learn about hunting and fishing, how to back up a trailer, operate a chain saw, shoot a shotgun, drive an ATV, and more.
{rokbox}images/stories/TV/episode_12/wetland.png{/rokbox} Reclaiming the boreal forest (14:20)
Canada's boreal forest is one of the most important ecological systems on the planet. Oil sands operators are facing public pressure and public scrutiny to do a better job of reclaiming mine sites. We look at what Suncor is doing to recreate wetlands with ecosystems attractive to wildlife.
{rokbox}images/stories/TV/episode_12/camera.png{/rokbox} Outdoor Guide - point and shoot cameras (16:59)
Brad Fenson gives some tips on what to look for when buying lightweight cameras to toss in your backpack. What about the megapixels? Should you choose optical or digital zoom? And how to be patient with the shutter button in order to avoid distortion.
{rokbox}images/stories/TV/episode_12/grassland.png{/rokbox} Vanishing native prairie grasslands (18:24)
Agriculture and resource extraction have altered our landscsape and native prairie grasslands are disappearing at an alarming rate. The Alberta Conservation Association is replanting species of wild grasses and sagebrush on land with marginal agricultural value.
{rokbox}images/stories/TV/episode_12/rafting.png{/rokbox} Splashing about (23:33)
We get a little wet on a whitewater rafting trip down the Sulphur River near Grande Cache. Scary runs like the "Fluffy Bunny of Death" didn't faze the kids on this trip through class 2 and class 3 rapids. The good folks at Wild Blue Yonder rafting kept us safe and a good time was had by all. 


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