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Let's Go Outdoors TV, S02E09 04/07/2013

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Season Two - Episode 9

Stories featured this week include:


Massive find
Just how did a 6,000 pound fossil end up at the Royal Alberta Museum? That story is almost as interesting as this amazing ancient tree stump from the Athabasca River.

{rokbox}images/stories/TV/Ep_9_2013/Bird_banding.jpg{/rokbox} Bird banding - Lesser Slave Lake Provincial Park
These kids from a Junior Forest Warden program are visiting the Lesser Slave Lake Bird Observatory. We take a look at how this station provides researchers with critical data on bird migration.


Protecting Bull Trout spawning areas
Biologists with the Alberta Conservation Association are working with Devon Energy to better understand Bull Trout spawning areas, and what action industry has to take to avoid impacting the spawning areas of Alberta's official provincial fish.
{rokbox}images/stories/TV/Ep_9_2013/Writing_on_stone.jpg{/rokbox} Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park
These sandstone hills are located within the boundaries of Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park. We take a journey through time to get a better understanding of this area and what it means to the First Nations people who have been visiting and recording their activities on these walls for hundreds of years.

Sniffing out Caribou scat
Dogs like Scoobie here are being used in an innovative way: helping scientists determine the size and health of Caribou populations in the boreal forest around the Fort McMurray area.

{rokbox}images/stories/TV/Ep_9_2013/Brad_sock.jpg{/rokbox} Outdoor Guide - dressing for success
Layered clothing for winter activities, wicking fabrics, and blending of new and old products: to enjoy your adventure outdoors, no matter what the weather, you need to dress for success.
{rokbox}images/stories/TV/Ep_9_2013/trap_shoot.jpg{/rokbox} Trap shooting teens
Volunteers with the Alberta Fish and Game Association provide a safe and supervised environment for youth to experience one of the Olympic sports: trap shooting.


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